October 23
Day 4: October 23rd (Wednesday), 8:30am-22:00pm
Time Schedule
7:00-8:30 Breakfast
Session 5: Modifying the epigenome to maintain genome integrity and its disregulation in cancer
Time: October 23rd   8:30-12:00              Venue:Long Pan Ballroom

No Time Speaker Title / Affiliation
  8:30-12:00 Session Chair: Jin-Qiu Zhou
1 8:30-8:55 Xiaobing Shi Reading the histone code in development and disease
(Van Andel Research Institute, USA)
2 8:55-9:20 Rui-Ming Xu A higher-order configuration of the heterodimeric DOT1L-AF10 coiled-coil domains potentiates their leukemogenenic activity
(Institute of Biophysics, CAS , China)
3 9:20-9:45 Wei-Guo Zhu Histone modifications in response to DNA damage repair
(Shenzhen University, China)
4 9:45-10:00 Jason Huse Characterizing and targeting G-quadruplex DNA in ATRX-mutant cancer
(University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA)
10:00-10:20  Coffee break and meet the speaker
3 10:20-10:45 Peter Lewis Misregulation of Polycomb Repressive Complexes in Human Cancers
(University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
4 10:45-11:10 Kyle Miller Bromodomain proteins: Chromatin Curators of the Genome
(University of Texas at Austin, USA)
5 11:10-11:35 Guo-Min Li Histone Mutations on DNA Mismatch Repair and Cancer
(University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA)
6 11:35-11:50 Dengli Hong Chromatin in developmental hematopoietic cells: identification of the vulnerabilities to initiation of oncogenic alterations
(Shanghai JiaoTong University School of Medicine , China)
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-16:00 Poster session 2

Session 6: Chromatin remodeling to maintain genome integrity
Time: October 23rd  16:00-17:30       Venue:Long Pan Ballroom

No Time Speaker Title / Affiliation
  16:00-17:30 Session Chair: Guoliang Xu
1 16:00-16:25 Dong Wang Transcription-coupled recognition of DNA lesions and endogenous epigenetic modifications
(University of California San Diego, USA)
2 16:25-16:50 Haico
Van Attikum
The CHD7 chromatin remodeler and 53BP1 differentially regulate non-homologous end-joining
(Department of Human Genetics, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands
3 16:50-17:15 John Denu Metabolic Stress and Persistence of the Epigenome
(University of Wisconsin, USA)
4 17:15-17:30 Anming Huang Phosphorylation of Drosophila CENP-A on serine 20 regulates protein turn-over and centromere-specific loading (Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria)
18:30-22:00: Banquet